Who has signed the pledge

The following founding organisations have signed the pledge to Defend our NHS:

  • Brighton Migrant Solidarity
  • Migrant English Project at the Cowley Club,
  • Docs not Cops
  • Sussex Defend the NHS
  • Sussex refugee and migrant self-support group
  • Jollof café in the Cowley club
  • Doctors of the World
  • Euromernet
  • Brighton Stand up to Racism
  • Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS)
  • The Hummingbird Project
  • Brighton and Hove Sanctuary on Sea
  • Sussex Coast Unite Community branch SE/100c
  • Thousand 4 1000

The people below have signed the pledge to defend our NHS. Join us:

I believe that our NHS should be free for all. I also believe that research has been carried out to say that the amount of charges claimed for non uk patients who do not qualify for residency status is
not a significant figure to justify setting up all the charges.Far better to keep our NHS in government hands not run by private companies therefore any profits that could be claimed by the private companies would be reinvested in our NHS.

Name Organisation Comments
Pat Kehoe Sussex Defend the NHS My view is that the NHS was set up for all, free at the point of use. We know that ‘tourist’ use of the NHS is infinitesimal, so the bureaucracy being instituted is completely non-cost-effective, if not just plain unethical and NOT NEEDED.
Arran Evans Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS) Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS) are proud to sign this pledge. We are committed to promoting the Pledge to our Community Interpreters and to considering ways that any injustice can be addressed. We believe profoundly in equality of access to the NHS.
Mary Doyle Clapton Improvement Society Treating people free is a founding principle of the NHS. To make public servants & others agents of the state on immigration is crazy.
They already have enough to do.In addition people with transmit table diseases eg TB not seeking
treatment endangers all of us!
Valerie O’Mahoney The “hostile environment” is a betrayal of all our country has traditionally stood for. It could only have been thought up by the Tory Party. We must get back to being the decent, hospitable people
we were. Is there no way of dismissing this disreputable and incompetent government before it does even greater harm to our nation?
Lynn Genevieve I am a retired midwife and am shocked at the lack of compassion increasingly, within our healthcare system.
Patrick Doyle I feel the NHS is the exemplar of all that is best, and of the highest ideals this country supposedly still aspires to. The tragedy is, that noble enterprise has been systematically undermined by the encroachment of Private Business interests. This fatal fracturing of its cohesiveness in what amounts to privatisation in partem, is not only a insult to the humane spirit of it`s inception, and it`s founders, ,but also to it`s place as the the bulwark and pride of our nation.
To speak plainly, it amounts to a treacherous and short-sighted act of national self mutilation. Insofar as it undermines that very spirit of humanity, inclusiveness, and an innate compassion for all men, which has ever been being the guiding spirit of all the noblest citizens of these isles.
Dr Jacob Berkson Thousand 4 1000 These charges are racist. They are an attack on the basic principles of the NHS. They are killing people and endangering us all.
These charges our having a terrible effect on our residents. They scare people from accessing the healthcare that they need. They have become another tool to scapegoat already marginalised people.
Ed Richardson It is about time the Government acquired humanity and common sense.
GianPaolo Boldrini Migrant English Project – Brighton Migrant English Project is a community group that support asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants.
NHS charges and sharing of data not only goes against what Migrant English Project stands for. It also discriminate people from accessing a basic human right, free health care.
E Williamson Unite
Antonia Preciado Any human being should be given the right to see a Dr if need it.
Jenny Teare ‘Overseas visitors’ may have been in UK for decades!
M Alben Sussex Defend NHS This charges are a part of chipping away at the NHS – starting with the most vulnerable groups. Gradually charging will be introduced to other vulnerable groups. It’s important we all stand together against these charges.
Ken Kirk All aspects of Teresa May’s hostile environment must end now
Susanne Schuster The NHS is one of the best things in UK. It was created to provide healthcare for everyone who needs it – free at the point of need. As the 6th richest country in the world the UK can easily afford it. Healthcare is a right for everyone!

With the hostile environment government the UK government has been implementing a cruel and inhumane approach towards immigrants that involves denying them their basic needs, such as housing and healthcare. We must fight against this and ensure that the UK is a welcoming place for all!

Ed Jones Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust Everyone sign this – it’s important. If you want to read the effect of NHS charges are having on people right now, read this report by Maternity Action looking at the effects of NHS charges on pregnant women/unborn babies/newborn babies: https://www.maternityaction.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/WhatPriceSafeMotherhoodFINAL.pdf 
Brian Devlin Universal Health Care, free at the point of use and regardless of nationality or ‘race’ is a founding principle of the NHS and I’m proud to defend it.
Trevor Hayes
Michael Foulkes
Susan Williams
Tim Oliver
Hilary Price
Julia Mountain
Al Ferguson
Andy Smith
Jane Lancashire
Rosalind Claxton Migrant English Project
Cath Senker Migrant English Project
Manus McGrogan
Diane Afhim Migrant English Project
Sara Furse
Beatrice Andrieu
Sarah Rigg
James Patterson
Becky Mitchell
Mike Byrne
Phillip Poulton
Hilary Price
Susan Jacqueline Vaughan
Jane Lancashire MEP
Maude Casey Migrant English Project
Jo Taylor
Sean Burke
Judy Cunniffe
Susan Bowes Unison
Sean Burke Community
Geoff Chaplin
Joyoti Grech Cato
Tony Graham
E Williamson Unite
Tanya Adams Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
Taraneh Ahmadi-Parker Sussex Defend the NHS
Fakhri Ahmadi Sussex Defend the NHS
Eddie Pullen
Peter Hignell
Madeleine Dickens Sussex Defend the NHS These are yet more inhumane measures from an austerity and private sector obsessed government, wholly indifferent to the suffering of others.
Julia Encarnacao SIS Trustee Brighton and Hove is now adhering more strictly to the IAPT criteria for offering treatment for mental health problems at the Primary Care level. The consequence of this is that the Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Counselling Service will not be able to treat asylum seekers and refugees as, typically, they are too unwell to meet the Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) criteria.

In future, there will be no treatment offered to most BME people in Brighton and Hove.

Ray Parker
Katrina Miller Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party Racist, unjust and inhumane. And one more step by this malicious Tory government to dismantle and sell our beloved NHS and force us all into the hands of private health care corporations or suffer in poverty. They have no principles, no moral compass and a vicious neo-liberal ideology. The sooner they are gone the better for all of us.
Charlotte Clayton
Alan Humphries
John Devlin
Rahmeen Rahman
Vanessa Zappi
Dave Rawnsley These shockingly mean spirited charges are harming us all
Pam Huntley This cruel policy of refusing access to healthcare except for the wealthy is against everything the NHS stands for. This is also against everything that used to make us proud to be British – compassionate and caring. This policy has to stop before more lives are lost or destroyed/
James Stawell Medway Maritime NHS Trust
Nadine Gumbwa
Charging for NHS services builds on a long history of racialising immigration legislation which is now shamefully writ large in our hospital lobbies. Such divisive and lethal policies have no place in an ethical healthcare system. Hospitals must not become branches of the Home Office offices that offer healthcare – we must fight hard to bring an end to these charges. More broadly it’s the thin end of the wedge.
Robin Graham
Sandra Cacchioli
Martin Iles We were charged 5500£ after home office ignored all evidence we submitted to them
( we have a child with a severe bleeding disorder)with regards to an visa application ,they gave us the right to appeal in that time my wife became pregnant,we went to the appeal coury nearly a year later the home office didnt even bother to turn up, the judge awarded it in our favour it took the home office another 6 months to accept the judges decision in total 2 years after submitting the original file and then we received a bill for 5500£ because of a complete and utter corrupt system
Samantha Kelly I hate that our taxes are being used to bomb people out of their homes;that our use of fossil fuels has driven climate change that also displaces the poorest and then the government that allows this to happen by deregulation of arms companies, banks and corporate responsibility, will then prevent those displaced by their policies from accessing support and medical care. It is always the poorest and most often women that suffer when medical care is not available. Whole populations in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are suffering because of Western policies and it is unnecessary in a world of plenty that could easily support us and the rest of the planet’s species. It is criminal that our governments and corporations get away with bombing and starving other nations for their resources.
Stephen Taylor FRSA You couldn’t make it up. Rather than pay our doctors and nurses properly, we strip staff from the health systems of developing countries, complain about the NHS having so many foreign-born workers, then deny care to people from those same developing countries.
Not in my name.
Tim Oliver
Rita Bowman
As a NHS nurse I have no interest in checking people’s immigration status, the Tory propaganda distorts the true cost of overseas visitors costs to the NHS.
We must keep the NHS free at the point of delivery!
Andy Smith
Janet Smith
Marek Akten We should oppose this charging – it is the thin edge of the wedge. You know the old saying, At first they came for the….and I didn’t speak out because I was not…and then they came…
This charging will gradually, step by step be spread to us all. Keep the NHS free at the point of delivery for all – to keep all our health safe!
Carolyn Pickering Sussex Defend the NHS
Lara O’Muirithe I support this pledge unequivocally
Elise Harrison
Rachel Godin
Ahmad Yabroudi Sussex Syrian Community It’s unfair to charge the sick vulnerable people whom have not got enough money for their living though to pay for their sickness, I think the only choice they have is to kill themselves if they could not afford it to end their pain,
They should not need more pain to be added to what they already have.
Richard Williams Sanctuary on Sea
Anne Feltham
Janet Sang
Athene Crouch
Tessa Rans
Jonathan Fishwick
So many women need all of the support they can. The process is scary for those surrounding them also.
Dr Jo Tulloch I recently had a minor op at the Eye Hospital and had to complete a form designed to catch out anyone who might not be able to prove their right to treatment. I did so, but attached a letter explaining why I so deeply object to this new and inhumane procedure. If everyone did this, and copied the letter to their MP, it might make them see sense.
ty galvin
Jon Drake
Anne Mead
Thomas Kirk A publicly provided NHS is crucical to our nations health and ethically the right thing to do. Privitisation provides sub standard care and costs lives
Antonia Preciado we are all migrants, or descendent of others who had migrated.
Janet Arthur This is a national scandal, part and parcel of the destruction of people’s rights to healthcare.
Ken Kirk Typical Tory xenophobia.
Sebastian de
Mike Davies
Yvonne diamond British Airways Great respect for the nhs and we need to keep it alive
Health care should be free for all who need it. This was the founding principle of the NHS
Natasha Hickman Cuba Solidarity Campaign
David Gilchrist
Paul Lievens Banana Link
Jackie Simpkins War on Want
Ruth Bowman
Dorothy Macedo
Kellie Tamkin
Dipesh Parmar
Sue Crossland

44 people have signed the pledge and asked us not to publish their name or details.