Who has signed the pledge

The following organisations have sign the pledge to Defend our NHS:

  • Brighton Migrant Solidarity
  • Migrant English Project at the Cowley Club,
  • Docs not Cops
  • Sussex refugee and migrant self-support group
  • Jollof café in the Cowley club
  • Brighton Voices in Exile
  • Doctors of the World (based in London)
  • Euromernet
  • Brighton Stand up to Racism
  • Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS)

The people below have signed the pledge to defend our NHS. Join us:

Name Organisation Comments
Brian Devlin Freelance Universal Health Care, free at the point of use and regardless of nationality or ‘race’ is a founding principle of the NHS and I’m proud to defend it.

So far 5 people have signed the pledge and asked us not to publish their name or details.