Stop NHS charges and the sharing of personalised data now!

For decades UK governments have been bringing in unjust and inhumane immigration laws and controls. The rights of people wishing to settle in this country, to work, benefits, housing, education and residency have been destroyed.

The racist treatment of the Windrush citizens and many others, gives yet more evidence of the “hostile” environment this Government is inflicting on all those wishing to settle in the UK.

Changes arising from the Immigration Act since 2014 mean that overseas visitors’*’ can be charged to access some NHS services.

These charges:

  • amount to racial discrimination and are a further dangerous erosion of
    human rights.
  • make no sense economically: they are expensive, time consuming and bureaucratic.

There is widespread resistance to charging by professional organisations, medical and administrative staff, health campaigners and human rights organisations.

[*1 This term is used in legislation to cover anyone settling in the UK, including those who have been in the country for decades]